About St. Paul Lutheran School
Each day at St. Paul Lutheran School begins with religion class and is followed by the core subjects. At St. Paul we train our students in mind and spirit. All students respect and love one another in and outside of the classroom. God's Word (the Bible) in its truth and purity is at the root of all of our teachings and beliefs. 

What We Believe (WELS)

Lutheran Education
St. Paul Lutheran School is a proud member of a distinguished and nationally recognized family of Christian Education called the WELS. WELS stands for the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod, and currently operates as the 4th largest private school system in the United States.  Our organization is comprised of:
  • 400+ Early Childhood ministries 
  • 337 Lutheran Elementary Schools
  • 22 Lutheran High Schools
  • 2 Lutheran Preparatory Schools
  • 2 Worker Training Colleges
  • 2,829 Professional Educators
  • 45,000+ Students Pre-K through Grade 12
  • Schools in 35 states and 3 foreign countries
General Education
All children at St.Paul receive a solid education with the assistance of current curriculum which is comparable to the public school. No textbook used at St. Paul is more than 10 years old. Students at St. Paul take state standardized tests which provide feedback to parents and teachers.  Overall, our WELS schools perform well above state and national scores.

Class Size
Students at St. Paul enjoy small class sizes which range from 12-15 students. 

Extracurricular Activities
Outside of the classroom students are offered many extracurricular activities. We offer: girls’ and boys’ basketball; girls’ volleyball; informal track, softball, and soccer seasons; band; monthly singing opportunities; an annual academic competition (held at Michigan Lutheran High School); youth group (Teens for Jesus: Grades 7-12); Sunday school (grades PK-8), teen Bible study; and other special events like entertainment night, science fair, etc.

Services Provided
We have a fully functioning hot lunch and busing program via public school services.  Also, through the VBISD (Van Buren Intermediate School District) we are able to provide our students with IEP services as needed. Other ancillary services such as SLP/PT (speech and language pathology and physcial therapy) are also provided through the VBISD staff.

Many parents of 5th-8th grade students enjoy being able to access their child's grades online at a moments notice using an online grading platform. St. Paul is equipped with wireless internet access, student computers in each classroom,  a portable media cart, and in-classroom Smart Boards in all K-8 rooms. Upper grade children work on mastering the Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PPT) regularly during the school year.  Many students also learn to design and operate: WIKIs, PREZIs, and Google tools.

Private Schooling
Please click here to read a recent newspaper article highlighting St. Paul as a private school, and private schooling in general.